False Eyelashes…Give them a try!


Many of our brides come to us for their trial not knowing if they want lashes the day of their wedding.  Many of our brides are very “natural” gals and haven’t tried on false eyelashes ever!  Let me just say….”That is what trials are for.”  Trials are meant to “try” things that you have never tried before or even thought you would want to try.

Many of the photographers that refer Team Beauti to their brides LOVE it when the bride is willing to wear false eyelashes on the wedding day.  The difference it makes is amazing. No matter how full or long your natural lashes are, false lashes add an extra boost that photographs beautifully.

There are many different types of eyelash bands to choose from so when you have your trial, ask the artist to see what she has to offer.  Some are very natural, some add volume, some add length and some do all the above!  When applied properly, no one but you will know you’re even wearing them.  It’s also a good idea to tell your makeup artist to use the waterproof glue that is available in the event that you might cry on your wedding day.  If you’re one who likes dramatic/glamorous eyes, companies such as MAC make eyelash bands that can go on your bottom lashes as well to give them a boost!

When you have time, look at our photos on Team Beauti’s web site or Facebook page.  Majority of the brides are wearing lashes…can you tell?

Joanne Kaminski ~ Team Beauti Owner/Makeup Artist