Makeup Tips for the Bride to Be!


Team Beauti’s “Bride-to-Be” Makeup Tips

I love to flip through magazines and stare at the beautiful makeup the models are wearing, and I personally wonder, “Why can’t I look like that?!”  You too???  Here are a few tips to looking your greatest on a special day (or everyday for that matter) whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional. I encourage you to be a part of every decision if going with a professional artist to create your look. It’s important you feel comfortable with the products and what best suits you. There is nothing better than a decisive bride. That leads me to your first tip.

1. Find inspirational pictures of your favorite bridal makeup looks. Bring them in or keep them stored in a journal. Just like you plan everything else for your wedding, make sure you also take the time to find a great makeup artist.  Do your research and read testimonials from former brides. If you’re planning to do your own makeup, make sure you take the time to recognize your skin tone and texture so you properly invest in products that compliment your skin!

2. Finding the right products that go great with your skin also means feeling comfortable while wearing them. Choosing a foundation can be very intimidating. Just remember, if you rarely wear foundation, or any makeup for that matter, I suggest you wear a very light formula such as tinted moisturizer or BB cream.  Below is a picture of one of my favorite lightweight formulas.

3. How to pick a blush or bronzer that will still give you a natural look?  Go for exactly that!  Make sure the bronzer is very soft and is not a deep brown and when picking blush, go for a “flushed” color.  You can’t go wrong with a light pink or coral color!

4. Wear a waterproof mascara!

5. Lips- Team Beauti loves to use a lip stain because it is guranteed to give you great color and literally lasts all day…and then some!  We use Revlon Color Stay Lip Stain and they have a ton of shades to choose from. Go ahead and start experimenting!

6. What products to bring with you during your special day?

– Translucent Powder or blotting papers (to remove excess oil)

– Lip Gloss (to retouch your stain and give it a luminous effect)


Team Beauti Expert ~ Alejandra

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