Team Beauti’s 11th Wedding Season!


Team Beauti IS what it IS because of weddings!

Congrats to Team Beauti and their extremely talented handful of makeup artists and hair stylists!  Together, as a team, they have made Team Beauti one of the most well respected companies in the industry.  Weddings are our speciality.  Brides can count on us.  Event planners count on us.  Photographers count on us.  We are always on time, we know the tricks of the trade and we are highly sought out for weddings throughout Palm Beach County.

For over 11 years, Team Beauti has been on location doing airbrush makeup, traditional makeup, and hair design for Weddings, Quince, Prom, Photoshoots and more.  We are well known for our talent, our customer service and our sincere appreciation of the art.

Thanks to each and every bride who has trusted in us throughout the years.  It’s an honor to be a part of your day and we look forward to making many more memories in the future.

Joanne Kaminksi

Owner Team Beauti


Bridal Hair and Makeup

Get Ready for Wedding Season


Wedding season is gracefully approaching and yes, there really is a wedding season!  Not too many brave soldiers plan their wedding in the the dead heat of summer or during the threat of a hurricane!  October and November gets the season under way!

Are you one of the many blissful brides preparing for your big day?  It’s one of the biggest days of your life and you want nothing more than to look absolutely radiant, stunning, glamorous, and “knock his socks off” gorgeous, right?  So how does all that happen between now and your big day?

Here are a few tips:

If your wedding is a year out, or maybe even six months out, you can start a very simple exercise to start burning some calories and tone up….walking!  Whether it’s before jumping in the shower each morning, after dinner or even on your lunch break, find a buddy and start walking.  Here’s a tip if you don’t like the heat: Walk the mall, it’s air-conditioned!  No frequent stopping though (if you know what I mean!)

Looking for your skin to be absolutely flawless?  Who isn’t?  Your picture will be taken over 1000 times on your wedding day!  If you don’t already have a customized skin care regimen, get one!  It’s so important to have a daily skin care routine that is geared towards the age your skin is acting. Team Beauti has an excellent skin care line that does just that.

In addition to a good skin care regimen, drink!  And I don’t mean alcohol, coffee or soda.  I mean WATER!  Hydrated skin looks youthful, more radiant and healthy.  Add a little splash of lemon or lime, the L-Ascorbic Acid (also known as Vitamin C) is great for your skin and it adds a bit flavor.

Last but certainly not least, have a professional makeup artist do your makeup on your wedding day.  If you’re on a budget, as most people are, this is the one area where you shouldn’t skimp.  Professional makeup artists know the tricks of the trade to make you look absolutely flawless.  They know how to enhance the features you like and minimize the ones you don’t.  Your makeup has to be perfect and has to last for at least 10 hours.  If you’re confident you have what it takes to do that, great, if not, call upon a Team Beauti professional.  You’ll be glad you did!

I see a very Beauti-ful Bride in your future!

Joanne Kaminski – Team Beauti Owner: RN – Esthetician – Makeup Artist


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Team Beauti ~ Our Reputation Ranks!


Team Beauti and its reputation speaks for itself.  With 20 talented professionals, we can provide our services to all the “brides to be” in South Florida!

Read this email sent to us from Elaine, our 4/26/14 bride:

First, Ashley Davis, Team Beauti Hair Stylist – she’s amazing! She is the consummate hair professional never losing her cool. She was patient and kind and awesome. I LOVED how my hair design looked and felt on my wedding day. The first pull back we tried didn’t look right and she didn’t miss a beat keeping me comfortable and assured. Looking back at my engagement pictures, I know why I was so confident with Ashley. She’s terrific.

Next, Mary Bruggeman, Team Beauti Hair Stylist – Mary was meant to be with us. We had a medical emergency, as you know – my young niece had a seizure early Saturday morning. Mary shared her personal connection and kept us calm and hopeful. She was an angel and I was grateful she was there. Mary did my sister Amy’s hair and other nieces. She was kind and compassionate and talented. She and Ashley smartly advised us when we wondered if Amy’s early curls were too curly – by the end of the night Amy’s waves were super and sexy. Amy’s gorgeous hair style added to her stunning beauty.

And what could I say about Deb Hoefl, Team Beauti Makeup Artist – no wonder she’s your best friend. She was simply the best! All three of us – my mom, my sister, and me – felt stunning!! Deb was the beating heart of our time together. We were radiant because of Deb. Her radiance came with us all night.

I loved Team Beauti, loved getting to know you, and absolutely look forward to recommending your services again.
Hope to see you soon,

Proud of the team I have created!